• Manifest It! Workshop

Manifest It! Workshop

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This self-paced workshop will allow you to create the abundance, love and health you desire.  This workshop can be used to manifest and transform any area of your life. You just need to DECIDE what that is.

The foundation of this workshop focuses on Self Concept work, Identity Transformation.  I will show you step-by-step how to change your self concept into BEing the new version of You. The new version of you that has it all!  

Repeating affirmations, is a great tool to use, but manifestation is an Inner Game- it's routed in our belief system and our direct connection to our Inner Being (Source, God, Higher Self, Universe). 

This workshop is for you, if you are ready to find your true love, live a healthy lifestyle, travel or create wealth and abundance all around you.

You will learn the process of how manifestation TRULY works, and how to apply it to your own desires, because YOU are the creator of your own reality. YOU are the artists with the brush, ready to create it.  Are you ready to create your DREAM LIFE?  

Inside this workshop is a bundle of goodies: 

  • Manifest It! foundational guide to transformation
  • Pre-Work Intention setting & scripting 
  • Morning Ritual
  • Beliefetics self concept exercise
  • Journal Prompts
  • Afformations
  • Self Talk 
  • Meditation + More! 

*Note: The teachings in this workshop are backed by Science but feels like Magic 


Some Testimonials of Manifestation Success stories using my methods: 

"I did the plan and everything and wrote out how we're going to achieve it and literally within two days we got the apartment!" - Kayla


"HE CAME RUNNING BACK TO ME!!!  OMG, I completely changed my self concept and he literally is back and is talking about marriage"- Joanie


"This SHIT works!!!" - Coco


"I have found my twin flame. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" - Marcus

"Tracy, I manifested my dream client 4 days after your workshop!!! " - Shel


"I was working to manifest travel and my friend surprised me with a girls trip! "- Tina

"I manifested a completely new business opportunity, that I wasn't expecting.  It's next level!! "-Meg



*The Manifest It! workshop is a digital download written in english and does not contain video content.  Digital products are non-refundable.