• Full Moon Sunset Soundbath at Ortley Beach 🏖 June 4

Full Moon Sunset Soundbath at Ortley Beach 🏖 June 4

  • $44.00

Join us as we celebrate the energy of Strawberry Full Moon experience. Using guided meditation and sound healing we will have an opportunity to see our differences as a source of strength, growth and connection.

The energy serves as an opportunity to reflect, release, and illuminate ourselves. Attendees can determine where they are at with their goals, what they want to gather more of, and what they are ready to let go of to prepare for the new moon cycle.

To close the experience guests are invited to connect with one another while sipping on curated full moon elixirs.

Breathe,relax and be yourself.

Location: Ortley Beach- Coolidge Avenue entrance (the map location pin is off, please enter at coolidge ave entrance)

Date/Time: June 4th. 7:30pm sharp

What to Bring: Yoga Mat, Pillow, eye mask, journal.

This month's moon: (June's full moon energy begins June 3rd, 11:54PM)

The Strawberry Moon on the June 3rd holds profound spiritual significance as June’s Full Moon. In various cultural and spiritual traditions, this celestial event is viewed as a time of abundance, fertility, and harvest. Symbolizing the peak of the summer season, the Strawberry Moon serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness between nature and humanity. It is a time for honoring the Earth’s bountiful gifts and expressing gratitude for the nourishment and sustenance provided by the land.

This Full Moon also represents a period of reflection and growth, urging individuals to examine their own inner landscapes, nurture their spiritual aspirations, and align themselves with the cycles of the natural world. Through its radiant glow, the Strawberry Moon invites us to embrace the sweetness of life, celebrate the surrounding abundance, and deepen our connection to the spiritual essence that permeates all living beings.

We will align with this powerful full moon energy on June 4th for a truly magic experience!

Ticket includes:

  • Sunset meditation
  • Immersive sound bath
  • Take home mantra card
  • Full Moon Elixir

Experience will be held outdoors at Orltey Beach, NJ Coolidge Avenue Entrance. Check-in will take place on at the entrance. Please ensure you dress appropriately as you this is a laying down during the experience.

In the event of rain, the event will be rescheduled, and tickets will carry over to the new date. no refunds will be given.

In an effort to honor the space, please be mindful of arriving on time as doors will close once the event has started.

*By purchasing a ticket, you agree to give us permission to upload photography/recorded videos for promotional purposes.