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We meet twice a month for resets on Sundays, to help quiet our mind, balance our energy centers, and align for a productive and prosperous week ahead.

Tracy Lee and other meditation leaders will share guided meditations and teachings before hosting a community conversation.  Come meditate, grow your practice, and connect with others in this safe, supportive community.

All experience levels are welcome.  

💻 Where: Virtual. Classes are recorded and will be available.

🗓️ When: First and third sunday of the month - times vary to accomodate all

✅ Details: Allow for 30+ minutes, dress comfortably and bring an open heart.

🧠 Theme: there will be a new 'Theme' each month

SOUL MEDITATION® CLUB Membership options 

Silver PLAN / $22 per month

Gold PLAN / $199 per year (SAVE $67!) 

I know you will enjoy our Live, Weekly, Guided Meditations.  I don't think you'll want to, but you can, cancel anytime.


About the Soul Radiance Collective®

The Soul Radiance Collective® is a global event + retreat company that is on a mission to make a lasting impact in the world by creating empowering experiences that inspire personal personal growth and foster community.

We offer weeklong, weekend and one-day wellness retreats, corporate events and a Mentorship Suite of Services, where we can embark on a journey of healing, self-discovery, connection, wealth creation, and self empowerment. Where all walks of life come together in community to support each other.

Through our global retreats (coming soon!), immersive workshops, wellness practices, business coaching, memberships and heartfelt community building, we empower everyone to embrace their unique strengths and celebrate their authentic selves.

Consider us your resource for spiritual wellness. We support an ever-evolving community of entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives that prioritize their spiritual well-being. Come sit with Us!

Sending Gratitude + Love, Tracy lee


About Tracy Lee Percival

Tracy Lee Percival  is the Founder of The Soul Radiance Collective®, Soul Breath®, Soul Sound®, Soul Meditation®, Soul Tap® - she is a Celebrity Energy Healer, an Integrative Therapist in several modalities, a Mindfulness Trainer, a Mindset + Business Coach and a Podcaster. Breathwork has transformed her own life, in a profound way. 

She's created a unique center of healing that revitalizes the Mind, Body, and Soul. Tracy is an international mobile wellness practitioner, specializing in the restorative and healing power of the breath, of energy and sound frequency, hypnotherapy, aligned with mindfulness .

With many years of experience, studying, and guiding modalities of Reiki, Sound Healing, NLP, EFT, Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, Breathwork, and Meditation; her approach is personal, empowering, and up lifting. Tracy's work is based in healing at the root cause, rather that just relieving symptoms. No two experiences are alike.

Tracylee facilitates Healing sessions for Celebrities, Athletes, Private Events, Corporate Wellness, 1:1, groups, and retreats.

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