• Amazonite Crystal Bracelet  Negativity, Balance, Removes Blocks

Amazonite Crystal Bracelet Negativity, Balance, Removes Blocks

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ALIGN       Negativity, Balance, Removes Blocks

CHAKRA   Heart & Throat 

HEALING  The Amazonite bracelet is a highly optimistic piece of jewelry that helps to keep negativity at bay. It helps to maintain a perfect balance of Yin and Yang energy in the environment, which makes one intelligent enough to consider all aspects of an item or situation. It removes all stumbling blocks and opens the way to love, friendship, peace, opportunity, talents, materialism, and spirituality, among other things.  It enhances one’s ability to be expressive and straightforward while communicating messages. It is used to treat lung and cardiac problems. It helps you get a good night’s sleep. It brings riches, professional stability, and a bountiful harvest.

REIKI        Infused with Reiki Energy to empower & strengthen healing properties

STACKIT  ROSE QUARTZ to amplify LOVE of self and others, BLACK AGATE to protect from negativity

Size:  6mm -  Standard 18 cm

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