Our Story

Patty Lou, is a collective of Wellness products, each with it's own unique healing properties and encourage self-care.  We take pride in being an eco-conscious company, using beautiful ingredients, sustainable vessels, as well as, recyclable packaging and shipping materials. 

Every single product is crafted with it's own unique intention, high vibration and sprinkled with lots of love & Reiki Energy. ENJOY! 

About Patty Lou's Founder, Tracylee Percival 

Tracy Lee Percival  is the Founder of The Soul Radiance Collective®, Soul Breath®, Soul Sound®, Soul Meditation®, Soul Tap® - she is a Celebrity Energy Healer, an Integrative Therapist in several modalities, a Mindfulness Trainer, a Mindset + Business Coach and a Podcaster. These Energy healing practices have transformed her own life, in a profound way. Tracylee facilitates Healing sessions for Celebrities, Athletes, Private Events, Corporate Wellness, 1:1, groups, and retreats.

She's created a unique center of healing that revitalizes the Mind, Body, and Soul. Tracy is an international mobile wellness practitioner, specializing in the restorative and healing power of the breath, of energy and sound frequency, hypnotherapy, aligned with mindfulness .

With many years of experience, studying, and guiding modalities of Reiki, Sound Healing, NLP, EFT, Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, Breathwork, and Meditation; her approach is personal, empowering, and up lifting. Tracy's work is based in healing at the root cause, rather that just relieving symptoms. No two experiences are alike.

These are however not her only talents. Tracy has Mystical gifts that she also shares with world.  

Tracy discovered her gift for energy healing at a young age, when people would tell her they felt a sense of calm, happiness & comfort around her.

This encouraged Tracy to research energy healing through touch. Years of practice increased her ability to not only recognize energies around her, but also be able to control them.  A Shaman would ultimately convince her to get attuned in Reiki and take her healing practice to the next level.

Tracy has always been a strong believer in being of service to others and gets an overwhelming sense of purpose when she can be a catalyst for healing & empowerment.

The Patty Lou brand, is named after her Momma, who not only gave Tracy her Mystical gifts but who’s fatal illness, sent Tracy on her wellness journey.   

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