• Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet   Clarity, Acceptance, Higher Consciousness

Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet Clarity, Acceptance, Higher Consciousness

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ALIGN        Higher Consciousness, Clarity, Purify Negativity

CHAKRA   Crown Chakra

HEAL         Clear quartz is a universal stone and is often regarded as one of the oldest and most enlightening gemstones in the world. Like most clear crystals, Clear Quartz stone is brilliant for enhancing mental clarity. It's the perfect tool for increasing rational thinking and focus. This seemingly ordinary stone is a critical component in most modern technology. From your mobile phone and wristwatch, to computer memory chips, microphones, and ultrasound devices, Clear Quartz crystal is important for electronic devices. The Quartz metaphysical properties have been used consistently since antiquity to enhance and elevate the mind, body and spirit.  Clear Quartz amplifies the properties of crystals it's paired with. Many civilizations considered Crystal Quartz to be the supreme gift of Mother Earth.

REIKI         Infused with Reiki Energy to Empower & Strengthen healing properties 

STACK IT  Clear Quartz is a universal crystal and amplifies the properties of other crystals.  Stack this with any of your other bracelets

Size:   8mm -  Standard 18cm

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