• ABUNDANT AF Crystal Manifestation Candle
  • abundant af affirmation under travel candle lid
  • abundant af crystal manifestation candles made from soy wax, essential oils and reiki infused crystals

ABUNDANT AF Crystal Manifestation Candle

  • $15.00

Our luxurious, brushed silver candle tins are perfect to bring the power of manifestation and intention setting to your home, in your office or while jet setting around the world! 

ABUNDANT AF was created to bring good fortune to all who burn it. The aromatherapy notes, the crystal infused with Reiki and the affirmation under the lid, are all perfectly aligned to help attract the Abundant AF life of your dreams. 


money, success, prosperity

INTENTION attract abundance in all forms


oakmoss, patchouli, cinnamon & amber to ground you & boosts brain function



green aventurine crystal brings luck, money, opportunity as well as, enhances creativity & motivation

REIKI  infused to empower & strengthen healing


Let's start manifesting!

Step1.   open your candle and take 3 deep breaths of it's aromatherapy. 

Step 2.  repeat affirmation placed under candle lid, 3 times.

Step 3.  light the candle, close your eyes and visualize your intention.



  • Made with 100% soy wax, derived from American grown soy beans for an eco-friendly and clean burn.

  • We use a lead-free cotton wick and premium grade fragrance oils to bring custom aromatherapy notes, that enhance the healing properties of each individual candle.

  • Our crystals are cleansed in the full moon and infused with Reiki energy to strengthen the healing and manifestation properties.

  • Once the candles burns completely, remove & wash your crystal under water and sea salt. Pat dry. Carry it with you or keep it under your pillow. Hold it in your left hand to continue receiving your desired manifestation and intention. Hold it in your right hand to release fear, doubt and anything that does not serve abundance.

  • Our vessels can be easily cleaned and re-purposed for eco-sustainability.

  • To get the most from your candle, allow 2 hours minimum for your first burn.


  • Never burn candle unattended.

  • Choking hazard- this candle contains small crystals. Keep away from children.