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Dragons Blood Jasper Crystal Bracelet Strength, Release Guilt, Healing

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ALIGN       Strength, Honor, Integrity, Support Healing

CHAKRA   All Chakra, Awakens Kundalini Energy

HEALING   Dragon’s Blood Jasper is a rare healing crystal found only in Western Australia.  It is a striking combination of green Fuchsite with Red Jasper.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper combines practicality with courage, a rare energy that encourages us to “walk our talk” and solve our problems.  Its energy inspires us to grow up, take responsibility and do what needs to be done.  If we need to make a big change, it helps us to quickly accept that need and put what we’ve learned into action.

REIKI         Infused with Reiki Energy to empower and strengthen healing properties

STACK IT  Clear Quartz to amplify and Green Flourite for Balance & Stability

Size: 8mm - Standard 18cm 

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